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Last site update: Nov 15, 2022
Check out What's New

BC&SJ and Charlie interview in the April 2022 MRH magazine!

Horace Fithers is virtually nuts!

Check out his new YouTube channel and blog in the Trainz Railroad Simulator Forum to see the progress of the 99+ mile long version of the virtual BC&SJ!

BC&SJ 10th anniversay article in MRH!

The Bear Creek was the cover story in the April 2014 issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist. I wrote about the layout's 10th anniversary and how it got to it's current state. Plus lots of new photos.

Click here to check out the 10th Anniversary article.

The companion video for the April 10th anniversary cover story is available on YouTube.

Photo Gallery: photo contest entries shot in Oakhill - July, 2013.

HOT Trains   -  Volume 1

This DVD lets you experience my vision of BC&SJ railroad operations. Check out haulers
and hot shots, see helpers in action and solve the mystery of switching Oakhill.

Over an hour of train action narrated by the Superintendent of Nearly Everything, plus 30 minutes of extras: ballasting, basic scenery, and advanced greenery.

Click here to order!

The main video is now available in Hi-Def on TrainMasters.tv !

What's New?

Changes and updates to this site.

My Layouts

Bear Creek & South Jackson III - my current layout Sept 8, 2022
Dioramas - indoor / outdoor diorama photos
Bear Creek & South Jackson II - R.I.P. - version 2 in my old garage.
Jallen Branch - connecting the 1st BCSJ with the Timesaver
Timesaver - my John Allen timesaver
Bear Creek & South Jackson I - the 1st, 4x8, BCSJ railroad. - June 9, 2014

The Gazette
The South Jackson Gazette
All the news that's fit to print - and then some! Certified USDA prime malarkey!

The leading (and only) news paper of the Bear Creek area.
Check out layout life from an HO scale person's view point.
Friends' Layouts

Keith Schaber's N Blue Mountains UP Railroad - 7/15/14
Jim Barta's HO Black Canyon Railroad - 11/20/07
Jim Reardon's On3 D&RGW masterpiece.
Pete Vassler's HO Portland and Willamette.
Ralph Livermore's HO Union Pacific.
Joe Fugate's HO Siskiyou Lines.
Shaun Toman's old HO Union Pacific.

Prototype pictures and info

Fraser River - photos from BC, Canada
Kettle Valley Railroad - photos from BC, Canada
Fraser River - photos from northeast Oregon
Shelburn - on the Mill City branch
Albany &l Eastern - the old Mill City branch
Mill City - on the Mill City branch
SP&S 700 - a large Northern class steamer.
Brooklyn Yard in Portland, OR

Layout design

BCSJ III my basement filler - last updated April 27, 2015
BCSJ II my around the wall helix design.
BCSJ I my 4x8 HO twice around.
South Pacific Coast On3 version of California narrow gauge

How To

Arduino examples and object classes.
Model railroad FAQ list.
Painting a backdrop. Clinics I've presented Building Masonite Spline roadbed.
Building roads with drywall compound.
How to brace roadbed at the ends of a bridge.
Notes on model railroad photography.
Outdoor model railroad photography - natural light on my timesaver.
Scale operating switchstands - I scratch built some operating switch stands.

Train fun

Top 10 lists - don't even think about taking these seriously!
Railroad Jokes - So, did you hear the one about...
Inneresting train pictures - Doh!

Links to other train sites

Links to model railroad sites.
Links to vendors and suppliers.
Links to clubs and organizations.
Links to railroad related magazines.

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