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Who knows? Some of this stuff might even be useful!

Frequently Asked Questions - Feb 2008

Turnouts / Trackwork
Computer Software
Scenery / Benchwork / Electrical

Arduinos and Model Railroads - Nov 24, 2016

Software and hardware
Some useful classes

Painting Detailed Backdrops Video - Feb 22, 2020

Using acrylic artist paints to add life to a backdrop

Painting Backdrops Video - Aug 2, 2015

Demonstrates painting simple background hills and airbrushing clouds.

My Clinics - Jun 18, 2018

Clinics I have presented at NMRA and other events (pdf format)

Masonite Spline Roadbed - Aug 2, 2015

Laminating and installing masonite splines for track roadbed.

Building Roads - Jun 8, 2018

Constructing dirt and paved roads on a model railroad using drywall compound (Spackle)

Secure Bridge Installation - Nov 28, 2005

Bracing the roadbed on either side of a bridge to ensure track alignment.

Model Railroad Photography - Nov 23, 2005

Hints and tips to improve your model railroad photography

Model Photography - Outdoors! - Nov 26, 2005

Natural lighting makes everything look better!

D.I.Y Switchstands - Nov 24, 2005

Build your own operating HO scale switchstands, scale switchstands for not so scale people.