My Layouts - Bear Creek and South Jackson Railroad II
Switching South Jackson

Bear Creek and South Jackson #2
The second incarnation of my railroad empire.

The 2nd BC&SJ railroad

Sept 2000 - Sept 2002

The Garage Version

Yep. I did it. The old 4x8 Bear Creek and South Jackson has been gone now for quite some time (sold!). In its place (and a lot more place too!) in the garage the new incarnation of the Bear Creek and South Jackson is arising.

The new layout started in April 2000, it's an around the walls (and peninsula) helix design (the layout IS the helix). Using this design I am able to fit 270 feet (4.5 scale miles) of mainline into the 328 square feet I have available. And in keeping with the desires of the my cfo (and wife), the cars will be able to use the garage along with the layout (big garage!).

BCSJ II op session pictures are here.

The Jallen Causeway scenery! photos from Oct 20, 2002.
Scenery rearrangement in East Jallen on the U-turn module (1/2 of the Jallen Branch line). Some test photos photos from Mar 1, 2002.
Thank goodness most of the pink is gone! And someone slapped a coat of paint on the fascia. Construction photos from Feb 14, 2002.
Roughed in scenery between Shelburn and Mill City. Construction photos from Feb 8, 2002.
Scenery makes it to Shelburn and Vicinity on the new BC&SJ. Checkout the photos from Jan 11, 2002.
The first scenery arrives on the new BC&SJ. Checkout the photos from Nov 26, 2001.
Follow a train.. Construction photos from Jun 22, 2001.

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