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Albany and Eastern - Mill City Branch

Albany & Eastern GP-9 #3859 emerges from a rainstorm

The deluge quit only moments before this picture was taken as is evidenced by the water on the streets.
The Albany & Eastern - Mill City Branch - Feb 2001

Pictures taken on the ex-Southern Paciic Mill City branch a bit northeast of Shelburn in February of 2001. The Albany & Eastern GP-9 #3859, its faded bloody-nose paint betraying SP origins is returning from Mill City a string of cars laden with lumber product trailing behind.

A photographer is often at the mercy of the weather. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time for these shots.

Farther south the clouds are clearing a bit and sun light coming in at a low angle makes for dramatic illumination.

All images copyright © 2001 by Charlie Comstock.
With many, many thanks to the good folks at the Albany & Eastern Railroad.