Prototype Stuff - 12 inch to the foot scale

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Prototype Railroad Stuff

12 Inch to the Foot Scale

It's hard to beat the detailing and authentic weathering the prototype achieves!

Fraser River, BC

Photos from my June 2016 trip along the Fraser River in BC, Canada. A few railfan shots I grabbed on the way to a convention in Salmon Arm. 9/20/19

Kettle Valley Railroad, BC

Photos from riding the Kettle Valley Railroad at the 2016 NMRA PNR regional convention. 9/22/19

Oregon Coast RR

Photos from a visit to Sumpter Valley Railroad. A few railfan shots I grabbed on the way back from the 2013 NMRA PNR regional convention in Boise 9/22/19

Shelburn, Oregon

The Shelburn on the Mill City Branch in April 2002. The ex-Espee Mill City branch used to intersect the Brownsville line here. The diamond crossing is gone but there are a few railroad relics left including an unusual steel water tower..

Albany & Eastern

The Albany and Eastern Railroad's Mill City Branch in Feb 2001

Mill City

Mill City, Oregon - The easternmost point of the ex-Espee Mill City branch along the Santiam River in May 2000.

SP&S 700

My S P & S page. The SP&S 700 is one of the few remaining 4-8-4 Northern class locomotives remaining in North America.

SP&S 700

Around the Brooklyn Yard's Roundhouse in December 1999.