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Bear Creek Operations
Links to Model Railroad Operation Sites

Links to other model railroad operation web sites

  • OPSIG - the Operations Special Interest Group of the NMRA

  • Gateway NMRA Operation Basics - Time table and train order operation, a primer.

  • Time Tables and Train Orders - The American Time Table and Train Order System.

  • Train Orders - from the GB&W, The East-West Short Route

  • Operations Road Show - The web page of some ops minded modular modelers. A good discussion of tt&to operation and running a train under this system is presented.

  • Joe Fugate's Siskiyou Lines - Joe has some good information on using Track Warrants on his Siskiyou Lines web page. Note that his track warrants are a little different from those used on the BC&SJ.

Operation videos

The Op Session Live! video series from

Experience crews running trains during op sessions. Watch how problems are solved and freight is moved over the railroads.

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