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Prototype Thoughts

Many folks have been concerned about eliminating model railroad thoughts while running trains during an op session. To help out model engineers, conductors, and brakemen, here is a list of prototypical operating thoughts for them to keep in mind.

10. Sure hope the *&^#! dispatcher clears us out of this siding before we expire on hours and have to wait 2 more for someone to come get us.

9. I hope that idiot with the tractor trailer ain't planning on running that grade crossing up ahead. Oh Gawd! He is....

8. Ain't walking 6000' each way in the rain/sleet/hail/ (insert favorite weather here) at night on weed covered roadbed and uneven ballast a truly delightful experience?

7. Wow Fred! How'd you mangle those fingers?

6. D'ya 'spose that raging torrent of a "creek" has undermined any bents in that old trestle up there...

5. When they gonna get the *%^$#@! cab airconditioner fixed!

4. Say... is there supposed to be smoke coming from underneath that hopper back there?

3. Is that a HEADLIGHT coming at us????

2. Darn foamers with their freaking cameras are everywhere, Almost ran one down last week.

And the #1 thought

1. If this was a model railroad we wouldn't have any of these problems

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