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Shout joyfully to the LORD, all the earth. Serve the LORD with gladness; Come before Him with joyful singing.
Psalm 100:1-2

Let this music bring glory to the Lord, God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.
Let it awaken His Spirit that dwells within all who believe and trust in Him.

Many thanks to the Lord who has played a Most Important Role in the creation of the music on this page.

9/8/08 - I've added a new (sort of) blog of Inspriration From the Lord.
Illustrating what he's been showing me in my heart. Perhaps the things there might have meaning to your heart?

8/22/07 - I finally fixed all the broken links and added in the missing .pdf, .html, and .mp3 files.
I can't believe how long it's taken me to do that.
The good news is I've added in quite a few more new songs. Enjoy...

August 2007

Where are you oh Lord?
I am caught in a crossfire.
They come from the left and bring lies.
They come from the right with deceit.
Before me lie the things I should not do.
Behind me are the things I should have done but did not.

But where are you in my life?
I seek you but do not see...
I listen but do not hear...

Surrounding me is a veil that hides the things of Heaven.
That hides you.
But I know you are there.
I know you are for me.

For in the midst of the crossfire,
the fire of the cross burns in me with promises of the future.
With promises of holiness.

You have spoken and I am yours.

Charlie 'Steely Guitar' Comstock's Original Music

Song Title

Close To My Heart
words&chords .pdf
words only .html
recording .mp3

Very worshipful. An expression of what I should feel all the time for this incredible God I worship. The recording is from an offering at Laurel Church in August 2007. That Sunday it was me with Velma, the worship leader. Everyone else was on vacation. We took the ending off the recording because with about 1/2 hour to practice it we couldn't get the guitar and vocals to line up - 2006.

Heart Strings
words .pdf

I sat down one day and these words poured out of me. Great I thought, a new song! However, ahem, I can't seem to find music for 'em. Got any ideas?

I Was Wrong (2/19/05)
words&chords .pdf
words only .html

A short history of my spiritual life from darkness and not knowing the Lord through being called and finding Him. A quiet reflection and praise of His greatness - 2004.

It's No Laughing Matter
words&chords .pdf
words only .html
.mp3 audio

Too many of us seem to take God's grace for granted. Then there are those who don't thenk that they even need His grace. But this bouncy tune sets the record strait. At first it may seem humorous, but it's really not a laughing matter at all. I played this for an offering at Laurel Church in June 2007. I was afraid they might stone me but instead they liked it. The .mp3 version is from the offering. I was so nervous I sped up like crazy and my voice was awful, but until I can re-record the tune this will have to do.

It's You Lord (6/15/05)
words&chords .pdf
words only .html

An acknowledgment of the Lord's greatness (set to a mild bossa nova rhythm) - 2005.

Jesus, You're My Best Friend (2/8/05)
words&chords .pdf
words only .html

Praise for the Lord who is my (and your best friend) set to a country blues shuffle. My first song to the Lord! - 2004.

The Man From Nazareth
words&chords .pdf
words only .html

My home group had been studying John. I borrowed some of his gospel and turned it into a ballad set to a riff in dropped-D tuning that I've been messing around with (for the last couple of decades!). The result (in my probably biased opinion) was kind of neat. The dropped D gives my guitar a kind of roaring sound. However the words will be mostly incomprehensible to folks who aren't at least a little familiar with John's gospel. This song became another offering at Laurel Church in August 2007. Too bad the regular sound guys were at the church campout or sick so it didn't get recorded (it turned out pretty well I thought).
Nails of the Cross (3/2/05)
words&chords .pdf
words only .html

A powerful call to repentence and acknowledgement of the incredible gift Jesus has brought to us through his supreme sacrifice. A minor key with spanish influence, deep, dark, and sonorous- 2005.

No Doubts in Jesus (2/22/05)
words&chords .pdf
words only .html

A statement of our need for Faith in Christ Jesus - 2005.

Our Great Lord (6/16/05)
words&chords .pdf
words only .html

For when we've caught ourselves sinning (again) and are desperate for His forgiveness. Driving country rock beat - 2005.

Our King
words only .html

My crazy Italian guitar teacher Peppino D'Agostino showed me a trick to turn a guitar into a drum machine - while still playing music. I used this to produce a hypnotic chant of the story of the gospel - 2007.

Rejoice in the Lord
words&chords .pdf
words only .html

A recitation of the titles of the Lord plus a good dose of Paul's advice from Philipians - 2006.

What Can We Do?
words&chords .pdf
TAB/chords .pdf

Rock 'n roll worship. What can we do but love you Lord? This was originally going to be a much mellower tune but then I though I'd make it rowdier for the youth band. Well the youth band did nothing with it but I still play it on occaision (though I really needs bass and drums and electric guitars...) - 2005.

Where Faith Abounds (3/13/05)
words&chords .pdf
words only .html

Oh Lord, take us to the place where Faith Abounds and there can be no other God but you - 2005.

You Are There
words&chords .pdf

Got enough faith to really trust the Lord? Roaring and powerful. - 2007.

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I attend Laurel Community Church about 8 miles south of Hillsboro, Oregon where I play
acoustic guitar in the worship band.

Sometimes I go out to the local migrant camps with a local group, Stop Hunger and Poverty Now.
We bring food, prayer, and the gospel to the desperately poor. Here's the SHPN website.

The power and the promise of our God.

Proof I found on the back of my pickup that our Lord Jesus shelters us from the dirt that the enemy would rain upon us, cleansing our sins.

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