Two Seas Music - Our Great Lord


Our Great Lord

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4/4 time - driving country rock

Verse 1

Oh Lord, turn your anger away
Oh Lord, set your wrath aside.
Oh Lord, show your mercy again,
Oh Lord, let not your wrath abide with-in me.

Chorus 1

Your Spirit is here, he burns inside
I have no excuse, for the way I live my life.

Verse 2

Iím a sinner since days gone by
I sinned and didnít know why
I didnít think it would make me die,
Oh Lord, forgive the pride that lived with-in me.

Chorus 2

Iím just a man, I could not see
The truth of you oh Lord, until you made a believer of me.

Verse 3

Through your grace I found you Lord
I found the Son and heard Your Word.
Through your pain, I am reclaimed
I fall to my knees give thanks to our Great Lord.

Verse 3

Your Spirit is here, he burns inside
You washed me clean , so I may live my life.

Verse 4

Thereís nothing I can do to repay
The glorious gift you gave to us on that day.

Verse 5

There are no more excuses
For my eyes have been opened wide.

Our Great Lord - copyright © 2005 by Charlie Comstock and Two Seas Music