Two Seas Music - Where Faith Abounds


Where Faith Abounds

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4/4 time - lyrical

Verse 1

Take us to the place where there can be
no other God Oh Lord, than you.
Take us on a journey, on the road paved with
your grace to the Holy place with you

Lead us to the temple built by your words
Lead us to the halls of eternity
Your spirit reaches out to guide us
Your loving hand keeps and holds us


Take us to the place where faith abounds
Where hearts are filled with your love
Where we can only hear your voice’s sound
Jesus we desire you
Lord Jesus we live for you

Verse 2

Let us know that your love is always
ab - le to overcome all sin.
Let us be your servants serving only
you Lord Jesus our Holy one.

Build in us a temple of you Lord
Let it last through out all time
You called us as our shepherd
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Repeat chorus twice

Where Faith Abounds - copyright © 2005 by Charlie Comstock and Two Seas Music