Two Seas Music - The Man From Nazareth

Grace Harbor in Desolation Sound

The Man From Nazareth

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4/4 time - a ballad Tune guitar to drop D (DADGBE)

Verse 1

There came a child to Israel
Born in Bethle-hem
Filled with grace and spirit
Heíd come the Son of Man.

And the spirit became flesh
And He lived among all men.
He came to bring forgiveness
From God for our great sin.

Said John "The lamb of God
Is here with us today.
He who comes after me
Is greater in every way

I saw the Spirit like a dove
On Him lay its head
On the one who is from heaven
The life giving bread"

Verse 2

He sat down by Jacobís well and
Asked her for a drink
She didnít under-stand
Didnít know what to think.

How is it you would ask me
To give anything to you.
For I am but a Samaritan
While you are a Jew.

He said, "If you knew who I am
You would ask me first.
To give you living water
That you might never thirst"

The woman told her people,
"Can this man be the one?
He knew everything about me,
and everything Iíd done"

Verse 3

They threw her down be-fore Him
Caught in adultery
"What shall we do with her?
Stone her or set her free?"

But He bent down and wrote
in the dust of the temple square.
The dark things in the hearts
of the men standing there.

"If you are with out sin
You may cast the first stone."
One by one they walked away
Until they were alone

No body to condemn her
and neither did He.
But leave your life of sinfulness,
the Lord has set you free.

Verse 4

He lived a life without sin
He wouldnít compro-mise
Many came to believe in Him
But others werenít so wise.

And they took Him from the garden
And accused Him of high crimes.
While Peter watched and wept
when the rooster crowed two times.

They took him to the Romans
to have him crucified.
Justice was denied Him
and on the tree He died.

And our sins they died with Him
And the captives were set free.
He conquered death for all time
He shed his blood for me.

And now we can love Him
if our hearts will just believe.
The Son of God rose from the dead
and we have been set free.

The Man From Nazareth - copyright © 2007 by Charlie Comstock and Two Seas Music