Two Seas Music - Close To My Heart


Close To My Heart

Slow and peaceful - a confession of love and faith

4/4 time - drop D tuning (DADGBE)

Verse 1

Jesus, Oh how I need you, Jesus
Jesus, I need more of you, Jesus
Jesus, oh how I love you Lord, Jesus
Jesus, I love you more today, Jesus


I canít turn away, come what may
I canít spend a day without you
Starting today, what ever you say
Will have a place close to my heart

Verse 2

Jesus, you touched my heart, Jesus
Jesus, you captured my heart oh Lord, Jesus.
Jesus, now I am yours my Lord, Jesus
Jesus, write my name in your book, Jesus.

Repeat Chorus


Spread your wings and fly away, little angel, fly away
And take a message to Jesus, message to Jesus
Tell him I need him more with each day

Close To My Heart - copyright © 2006 by Charlie Comstock and Two Seas Music