Bear Creek and South Jackson Operations - BC&SJ III Op Sessions - Jan 31, 2009
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Jan 31, 2009

The Jan 31st session was captured on video and is available on hi-quality DVD as vol 4 of's

Op Session Live - No. 4

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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hillmovers Construction finally got going in December 2008 and started working in earnest (or in my basement) on scenery from Mill Bend up to Canyon Creek. There's a new bridge in Baynes Valley, the Mill Bend log pond has a bottom to it, and all that awful looking plywood and pink foam got covered with 'magic dirt powder' (zip texturing). Heck they even managed to get a bit of grass planted around Deschutes Jct.

The crew call produced a group of 16 boomers lookin' fer action. This worked ok but some crew had to leave a bit early and this resulted in little rest time between trains for the crews.

We ran train line-up I (see the Session Info page for details). The session ran 12 fast hours with a 4:1 fast clock - we didn't finish quite on time again. Actually I think the fast clock controller is a little slow, perhaps more like 3.7:1...

Joe B. took the dispatcher job for the first trick. He's done it before and things went relatively uneventfully for the most part. The Superintendent of Nearly Everything got to dispatch for the second trick.

The company photographer shot a bunch of pictures before being drafted as DS for the 2nd trick. And Joe Fugate was on hand shooting footage for Op Session Live 4. The better pictures are presented here for your enjoyment.

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Charlie Comstock Superintendent of Nearly Everything
The Bear Creek and South Jackson Railway Co.

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