Bear Creek and South Jackson Operations - BC&SJ III Op Sessions - Aug 29, 2009
Aisle Crowding

BC&SJ III Op Session Gallery
Aug 29, 2009

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hillmovers Construction got a lot done since the previous op session photos were posted back in January. Mill Bend has lots of new scenery and some buildings, the Baynes Valley area is looking a lot nicer, there's some rock work around the east portal of tunnel 3, and Oakhill's load loading area is looking good.

The crew call produced a record size crew of 20 boomers lookin' fer action. I was concerned there would be too few trains for the crew size but it worked ok letting the gung-ho operators operate and the lounge lizards watch a train video between train assignments. Hard to believe but there were times when the crew caller had trouble persuading crewmen to take a train (though this was usually a passenger train). Again some crewmen had to leave early (presumably to avoid becoming pumpkins) and this 'thinned the herd' too with respect to excess crewmen.

We ran train line-up K which is a minor update of line-up I (see the Session Info page for details). When I restaged the Salem staging area was FULL, and the first train out until lineup I runs from Pocatello to Salem. So I swapped the 1st and 3rd trains, the Bear Creek Haulers east and west with each other on the schedule so there'd be an empty track in Salem when the first west bound arrived there.

We didn't finish quite on time again, running over by perhaps a 1 1/2 fast hours (about 22 minutes with my 4x fast clock). But all trains on the line up did get run. Thankfully the supply of brownies lasted till the end of the session.

The company photographer got chastised severely for not shooting any op session pictures (to speak of for 7 months) so he went out and behaved like a true foamer. For a change nearly all of the pictures came out fairly well making it a bit hard to chose which ones to post (I wasn't gonna post 100 pictures!) The better pictures are presented here for your enjoyment.

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