Bear Creek and South Jackson Operations - BC&SJ II Op Sessions - May 26, 2002
The Jallen Turn

BC&SJ II Op Session Gallery
May 26, 2002

Saturday, May 26, 2002

These are some pictures from one of the last op sessions held on the BCSJ version II layout. On May 26, 2002 a bunch of the guys got together.

Dispatching for this session was a stil by a sort of verbal track warrants. It should be clear from some of these pictures that this layout suffered from rather cramped aisle space in front of the Bear Creek yard.

Carcards & waybills were used for freight fowarding.

This session on the Bear Creek lasted about 2 1/2 hours and ran 13 trains. The Jallen turn was appropriately length restricted and encounted no serious mishaps.

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