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Baynes Valley

Bear Creek and South Jackson #3
Scenery Starts in Baynes Valley and Canyon Creek - Jan 25, 2009

Hillmovers Finally Gets Started!
Jan 25, 2009

After much procrastination, delay, lollygagging about, and excuses Hillmovers Construction has finally started finishing up the scenery in the Baynes Valley and Canyon Creek areas. Mill Bend has also been receiving some attention.

Baynes valley is the first scenic feature to the right (railroad west) of Deschutes Jct. Canyon Creek is the area just beyond, between Baynes Valley and tunnel 3. Baynes Valley has been roughed in for a while but the bridge there has been a Masonite Beam Bridge since the track was originally installed.

Now it appears a new, framed timber trestle is making its appearance along with allegations that the scenery there will soon be 'up to snuff' with the Upper Bear Creek area.

Locals crowded around as the company photog snapped some documentary pix of the area.

I hope you like 'em! Click on the 'thumbnail' for a (considerably) larger version.

Charlie Comstock
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