My Layouts - BCSJ II - Follow a train - Jun 22, 2001
Bear Creek Yard

Bear Creek and South Jackson #2
BC&SJ - Follow a train - Jun 22, 2001

BCSJ II - November 26, 2001
Construction continues on the new Bear Creek & South Jackson railroad. Trackwork now reaches from Bear Creek up the hill to Mill City and to an new version of the temporary Pocatello staging area.

Mill City still contains temporary trackwork. The temporary Pocatello staging area sports 4 tracks holding up to 34 car trains each plus a hand operated turntable to reverse loco direction (with out 0-5-0 movement). Pocatello is tiny compared to the Salem staging area which can hold ten 30+ car trains with a max train length of nearly 70 cars!

Presented below is a tour of the layout following along as train BCHW (Bear Creek Hauler West) travels from Pocatello to Salem.

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June 2001 track plan of the BC&SJ.

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