RayDance - 3d raytraced images

Sometimes I Dance with (light) Rays

Computer art rendered with RayDance.

In a previous lifetime I wrote a 3d computer graphics program that used ray tracing to create realistic images. The program was written to run on the Amiga family of computers. I used an A3000 with 25mhz 68030 and 68882 fpu and 18 mega-bytes of ram to generate these images. Several of them took an entire day to run.

By the standards of 2005 this is just plain slow, but in the early 1990s it wasn't too bad. RayDance featured built in fractal terrain generation, perturbable mesh surfaces, virtual object cloning (replicas) to fill a scene with copies of complex objects without running out of memory. RayDance was a language powered program (somewhat similar to Renderman) which made things like a drooping chain between posts or constrained random particle systems easy. It was capable of handling a huge number of reflections and refractions (as demonstrated in the optical pinball image.

The following pictures are a small sampling of the images I produced.

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Optical Pinball
An optical pinball machine!

Cover from Amiga Video Journal
Vol#3 - Issue #5
Infinite Possibilities

The Cavern
Virtual Cavern

Moonlight Island
The Island

The Path of Life
The Path of Life

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