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Some music performed by Charlie (in .mp3 format). SOme were recorded in the late '90s. Others were recoded more recently.

Beyond the Dunes - written by Peppino D'agostino - performed by Charlie - when I heard this it reminded me of, well being byond the dunes somewhere in the Middle East. Tuning: DADGAD 7/8 time. Recorded ~1998

Bouree - written by J.S. Bach - performed by Charlie - a standard. I always found this one difficult to remember while I was playing. Tuning: Standard, Recorded: ~1998

Bermuda Triangle Exit - written by Stephan Grossman - performed by Charlie - one of Stephan's standards. Big and bouncy. Tuning: Standard, Recorded: ~1998

Crow River Waltz - written by Leo Kottke - performed by Charlie - one of Mark Hanson's "learn to play Kottke tunes" instructional books helped me learn this piece. I played it at my brother's wedding reception. He and his lovely bride Barbara danced a C&W line dance called "The Mexican Wind" to it. The original is on Leo's 6 & 12 string (armadillo) album. Tuning: DADGBE (Open G), Recorded: ~1998

Fig Leaf Rag - written by Scott Joplin, unknown arrangement - performed by Charlie - playing Joplin on a guitar is near proof that if we'd been intended to do this the Lord would have given us an extra finger or two on each hand. Tuning: Standard, Recorded: ~1998

Foggy Dew - traditional, arranged by Mark Hanson - performed by Charlie - you can almost hear the mist dripping off of everything in this one. Tuning: Standard, Recorded: ~1998

Happy Again - written by Chet Atkins - performed by Charlie - what can I say? Chet is Chet, a consumate master of finger pickin' guitar. This is an early version of me playing this song with (mostly) straight timing. Tuning: Standard, Recorded: ~1998

How Long - traditional - performed by Charlie - an old blues thing I heard on a John Fahey album years ago. Then I heard Terry Robb playing it here in Portland and it fell into place for me. Tuning: DADGBE (Open G), Recorded: 2013.

Mother's Tears - written by Peppino D'agostino - performed by Charlie - when I heard this it reminded me of standing in St. Peters in Rome looking at the Pieta - Michelangelo's statue of Mary holding Jesus after he was taken down from the cross. There are 4 parts (at least in my opinion): the first is sadness mixed disbelief, the second is a complete breakdown and outpouring of grief, the third is sorrowful recovery, and it ends with comfort and hope. Tuning: EbBbEbGbAbDb, Recorded: 2013.

On Going Evil Deed Blues - traditional, arranged by John Fahey - performed by Charlie - from the John Fahey album, Dance of Death and Other Plantation Favorites (nice cheerful title). Not exactly Fahey's version. Some big string bending going on in there. Tuning: Standard, Recorded: ~1998

Pineapple Rag - written by Scott Joplin, unknown arrangement - performed by Charlie - I don't know how Joplin came up with the names for his pieces, there's no resemblence to a pineapple that I can see. This is close to the hardest piece I ever learned to play (well) on a guitar. Very high maintenence. Use it or lost it. Hope you like this recording because there's no way I could play it now. Tuning: Standard, Recorded: ~1998

Quiet Going - written and performed by Charlie - it's been over 30 years since I wrote this, but this is the first time I recorded it. A bit faster than I usually play this one. Serene and peaceful. Tuning: DADGBE (open G), Recorded: 2013.


Charlie performing at the Intermission Cafe, Sept 4, 1996. It's Finger Picking good!

Here's what they said: Stage Flight. A review of the San Jose open mike scene in the Oct 10, 1996 San Jose Metro.

Two Seas Music - My home-grown guitar music!





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