The Mastin Twins - Prologue

mastin twins


The axe flashed though the air, biting steadily into the trunk of the small elm tree sending chunks of wood and bark flying through the air, chunk, chunk, chunk... The man wielding the axe was sweating from the unaccustomed labor.

"Hurry up", said the other man, "He's coming."

The first grunted and chopped a little faster. The sound of a car slowly winding its way up the road from the lake came to their ears gradually becoming louder. Finally the tree began to waver. Both men braced themselves against the trunk, pushing hard, and it slowly crashed to the ground, falling across the road blocking it. The men moved back out of view, hiding behind one of the many boulders nearby. A moment later the car they'd heard rounded the last bend below and came into view. When it got to the fallen tree it stopped. The driver, a well dressed man in his mid-fifties looked uneasily around then opened the door and got out. He moved suspiciously toward the tree. When he saw the chop marks made by the axe he turned to sprint back to the waiting car. Before he got there the two men came out from behind the rock. They were more than ten years younger than the driver but although close to each other's age one seemed much older. The driver of the car stopped and looked at them disdainfully.

"Frank Wheaton", he said. "Get out of my way!" and then to the other "And you! Why are you hanging around with this no-class riff-raff?"

The other men laughed. "Why Major", said the one called Frank. "It's not nice of you to go talkin' like that, especially not to one of your old buddies who you haven't seen in ages. You should be glad to see me."

Again the two men laughed. It was a mean sound, devoid of humor.

"You're no buddy of mine and never were Frank. What do you intend to do?", demanded the older man.

"Nice car you got here Major. Figured maybe we'd just help you take a little ride."

"What do you mean?"

"Now don't worry, you're gonna like it whole lot", sneered the younger one.

Mastin Twins   Chapter 1

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