Jen's Poetry

Jen's Poetry

Some poetry created by my daughter when she was (much) younger...


Gray is darkness
Gray is Gloom
Gray is the color of an
Empty room

Gray is the clouds
of the midnight sky.
Gray is the underside of a bird flying by.
Gray is my shadow
Gray is my sadness

But it never will be my gladness

Gray sounds like
the moaning of the wind on a ride.
Gray looks like the stain on my side.

Gray can't be happy
It will always be sad.
It is not good, or neither bad.

Jennifer - 1997

The Jaguar

I creep around
I crawl around
All around my hunting ground

I know my prey is very near
Over a broken log I peer
There's my prey
Haroo! Haray!

I creep by it
I crawl by it
I climb trees ten feet tall by it

Pounce it's running
Ohh! I'm so cunning
Thudd, there's my dinner
Large so I won't get thinner.

I creeped around
I crawled around
All around my hunting ground.

Jennifer - 1997


Yellow eyes aglow in the dark moonless night.
Soundless feet padding upon leafy ground.

A sleek gray figure
dances in the shadows.

The wolf
feared loved and protected
howls into the Misty Night.

Jennifer - 1998

Poetry is Copyright © 1997-1998 by Jennifer Comstock. All rights reserved.