Literature From Our Family


Our Family's Writings

Well, I don't have pretensions of being a Hemingway or Tolstoy but I think you (or your kids) might find some enjoyment perusing some the following!

mastin twins
The Mastin Twins - A novel of the supernatural - Jimmy Vaskelis comes to Elk Bow with his family for a quiet summer. But his plans for school vacation go out the window when a pair of ghostly twins arrive. Who are they and why are they haunting Jimmy?

I wrote this for my (then) sixth grade daughter who loved scary stories...
richard rabit
Richard Rabit Goes Swimming - A rather unusual rabbit gets a swimming lesson and an adventure - Richard Rabbit and his pal Fergie Frog head over to the river so Richard can learn to swim but things don't turn out quite as expected...

Definitely for the kids...
jens poetry
Jen's Poetry - My daughter is (from time to time) quite the poet. Here are some of her early efforts.
  • Gray
  • Jaguar
  • The Wolf

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